The sweet smell of burning fur

Oh, it just makes my day when something goes wrong for Disney.  Looks like the Disney-branded DVD players are being recalled.  Why?  Well, there's a small problem with overheating and exploding.  Uh-oh, Mickey get hot and go boom!  I know it really has nothing to do with Disney aside from the hideous colors and Princess/Mickey/Fairy... Continue Reading →

The end of Pixar as we know it…maybe.

The big news in the entertainment biz at the moment is that Disney has bought Pixar.  This is terrible news to my ears.  Pixar has done some amazing movies, all praised by critics and moviegoers for their storytelling, dialogue, and animation.  Disney's animated films, however, have grown increasingly insipid and formulaic since the mid-90's (although... Continue Reading →

A new kind of Disney magic

I don't know about you, but anytime the words "fire" and "Disney" are used in the same sentence, I'm all ears!  Looks like a 35-foot Christmas tree in a Disneyland hotel burst into flames this morning.  Nobody was hurt.  I wonder what happened...did one of those electric Goofy ornaments flare up and explode?  Did the... Continue Reading →

Mouse of Horror

What happens when an audience pays to see Disney's latest crappy kiddy-flick but something goes horribly wrong?  What if the audience is instead treated to a movie which opens with a boy hanging himself from a tree?  Not yer typical Disney fare!  Whoops.  Oh well.  I'm probably a total bastard for enjoying this story, but... Continue Reading →

I can’t wait to watch my violent movies on this.

Once again, Disney proves that it can take any object in the known universe, slap some cartoon characters on it, and sell it to kids.  Anything at all.  Lately they're into the PC biz, but now they've added another item essential to your child's happiness and fulfillment as a human being: the Disney DVD player.... Continue Reading →

Sequel suckness

This is fun stuff: has a special page reserved just for articles about how Disney has abandoned its creativity (and lost respect) by beating its classic animated films into the ground with sequel after lame sequel.  For years I've noticed with disgust how Disney has made sequels to all its most popular movies:  Lion... Continue Reading →

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