Black Friday mayhem: Is our species completely fucked?

For a few weeks now I've been wanting to write something about this latest Black Friday death at Wal-Mart, but it's so disgusting and outrageous that it's taken me a while to wrap my brain around it.  You know the story:  a mob of shopping-crazed human cattle literally busted down the doors at a Long... Continue Reading →

Air Glory, indeed

Whoah...  If you're looking for a freaky headline, you can't do much better than "Christian music festival marred by death on bungee ride."  Looks like some poor girl at the Lifest Christian Music Festival died when the Air Glory bungee ride malfunctioned and catapulted her prematurely into the arms of Jesus.  So, of course, after... Continue Reading →

Buh-bye, Jerry

Well, well, well!  Reverend Jerry Falwell has finally left the building.  Expired, like an unwanted magazine subscription.  To sum up the feelings of millions out there, I offer a quote from Lilly von Schtupp:  "You're finished.  Fertig!  Verfallen!  Verlumpt!  Verblunget! Verkackt!" So long, Reverend.  I hope they bury you face-down so you can see where... Continue Reading →

Shootings and cynicism

The media coverage of the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech has been both fascinating and disgusting to watch.  If the entire U.S. media could have a giant spontaneous orgasm, this is it!  They've descended like filthy carrion, fed on the flesh of both the living and the dead, and pooped out some record ratings.  T.V.... Continue Reading →

The long, slow descent of Britney

Well, well, well!  Hot on the heels of Anna Nicole Smith's undignified demise comes news of another overhyped, why-is-she-famous celebrity freak-out:  Britney Spears.  First she shaved her head after one day in rehab, and now she's wearing a wig to cover it all up again.  It's the latest in a long string of weird behavior... Continue Reading →

It’s 2007…and people are still stupid

It's hard to beat a headline like this:  Hip Hop Car Stunts Causing Deaths, Injuries.  Hip hop car stunts?  That's a new one to me!  Apparently the latest fad amongst low-ridin' hip-hoppin' types is for the driver to to crank up the stereo, get out of the car, and dance around on the roof.  While... Continue Reading →

Friday quickies

A youth group North Dakota recently held a massive book/CD/DVD burning in order to "getting rid of junk in their lives that would hinder their relationship with the Lord."  Shit, whatever happened to selling stuff on eBay or donating it to the local library?  Says one happy burner, "If I don’t feel that they’re correct... Continue Reading →

Here we go again.

Sigh.  I really, really wanted to avoid this topic but I just have to make an observation, dammit!  The whole world is atwitter about the so-alled confession of JonBenet's killer.  Based on what I've read so far, I don't really think he did it.  It's probably silly, but he just doesn't look like a confessed... Continue Reading →

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