It all comes back to him

I tend to make sweeping generalizations in my posts, usually for simplicity (but sometimes just for spite). However, in this case I'm going to declare it 100% justified when I say that Trump has played the biggest part in the three scariest threats (in my opinion) we face in this raging American dumpster fire: distrust... Continue Reading →

Rise of the Religious Reich

Normally I'd never compare anything to Hitler, because honestly whenever anyone does that they've basically torpedoed their argument.  But finally I might have something, and I don't think Godwin's Law applies because the comparison is becoming more and more valid by the day. What we're hearing coming out of the mouths of the right wing lately is fucking scary.... Continue Reading →

Dear God: your dangerously extremist followers are due for a smiting

This poppped up on Jeff Patcher's Musings yesterday, and I nearly fell off my chair. Tennessee county plans to take up a resolution begging god for mercy Tomorrow, Blount county Tennessee will take up a resolution which begs god for mercy.  It was written by Blount County commissioner Karen Miller and will come up for consideration at Tuesday... Continue Reading →

The term “Tea Party extremist” has pretty much become redundant

Robert Reich recently posted this on Facebook and it really struck a chord with me.  Tea Party people like to say that guys like this are the extremists and not the norm, but I think we all know that's not entirely accurate.  Yeah, he may be a little crazier than most in the party (women as human... Continue Reading →

Today’s entertainment: watching right-wing crazies completely lose their fucking shit

I'm enjoying watching the conservative meltdowns and End Times gnashing of teeth. This is what happens when you pour all your hopes and dreams into a single person, believing they'll change the world into what you want. It's also what happens when you think that your vote has some sort of divine power and is... Continue Reading →

Ann Coulter: Sucker of Satan’s Cock

(Posted a week late due to network issues) I bestow this title upon her after her latest stunt of declaring National Disown Your Son Day shortly after National Coming Out Day. Ho-ho, so clever, Ann! You and your Adam's apple have really struck conservative fucktard gold with that one. Congrats. Sorry, is that title too... Continue Reading →

Q & A with a refugee from the Westboro Baptist Church

Want to read an interview with an actual Phelps, ex-member of the batshit-crazy Westboro Baptist Church?  It's fascinating and really drives home what neanderthals these people are. Q: I remember reading somewhere that your father treated your mom like trash. Can you give examples if what he did to her and if that played a... Continue Reading →

Natural wonders = God’s handiwork!

You've got to be fucking kidding me.  The famous Giant's Causeway might have been specially sculpted by God Almighty just for us to enjoy?  Just how much craic are these people smoking over there in Ireland? I actually know someone who, whenever he takes a photo of something pretty, he remarks on how "God's handiwork"... Continue Reading →

Alan Chambers of Exodus International: the gayest gay who ever gayed with gays in Gayville?

What...a...creep.  This man is responsible for convincing parents to put their children through emotional, psychological, and physical abuse in the name of "curing" their homosexuality via Jesus' hot, healing hands.  But now he says "Nah, we can't really cure it.  Sorry about all that.  Oh, and by the way, I still get the urge to... Continue Reading →

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