Come nibble on a Na’vi

"Avatar" fever has struck the Pacific Northwest, and the epicenter appears to be QFC grocery stores.  I've been to three different ones over the past week, and they're all plastered top to bottom with advertising for the "Avatar" DVD which just hit the shelves.  They've got gigantic lifesize cardboard figures of the Na'vi, they've got... Continue Reading →

The DaRacist Code

What?  A racist license plate?  Oh, this I have to see. A photo of the truck hit the Web a few days ago, went viral on car and other blogs and finally came to the attention of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy group for American Muslims.  On Wednesday morning, the group complained to... Continue Reading →

KFC declares all-out war on your arteries

Once again, America leads the world in "innovation."  Just what this fat-assed country needs:  a chicken sandwich where the "bread" is simply two slabs of fried chicken.  This will go great with that bucket of deep-fried buttersticks you're having for dinner!  I fully expect people to eat this crap while continuing to complain about the high cost... Continue Reading →


The first time I saw "Battlefield Earth" was at a friend's house during a birthday party, and we were all sipping on various boozes.  There were so many Star Wars style "wipes" (scene transitions) that I decided to make a drinking game out of it:  every time the movie had a wipe, we'd yell "Wipe!" and take a sip. ... Continue Reading →

Worst stadium names EVER

For many years now, sports stadiums and performance halls have been named after banks and other corporate entities rather than something with a shred of character or local reference.  Here in Seattle, for example, we have Key Arena (Key Bank), WaMu Theater, Bank of America Arena, Qwest Field, Safeco Field, etc.  But is it me, or are the names... Continue Reading →

4 Minutes (of suck)

Is it me, or does the new Madonna single "4 Minutes" totally suck?  It's got Justin Timberlake's fingerprints all over it, which means it sounds just like every other bit of mass-marketed twaddle out there.  (It's either twaddle or piffle, I can't quite decide.)  Blecchhh.  Oh well, I guess it's nice to see her team... Continue Reading →

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