The GOP death cult is coming for you

I took this in the Czech Republic in 2009. Fitting, hmmm? Every day for the last couple of months we've been seeing more and more stories about proud, patriotic, mask-hating idiots following the herd over the COVID cliff.  This, folks, is why it's a death cult.  It's as if they're wanting to get sick, hoping... Continue Reading →


This was supposed to be posted months ago but the dipshittery of the subject matter made it hard to finish. Better late than never? I probably shouldn't be so astounded that something like QAnon became such a massive "movement." It's a pro-Trump religious cult after all, and we've all seen how Trumpers don't exactly question... Continue Reading →

Bloated, irrelevant actor expresses dim-witted opinion

Many clueless and paranoid Americans¬†think our mass shootings were staged by government provocateurs. ¬†It's just one of those things the rest of us have to put up with, along with all the other embarrassingly stupid ravings¬†about contrails that sterilize the population and lizard people hiding amongst our government officials. ¬†Of course somehow the endgame in... Continue Reading →

The saga of the gun-crazy shooter and the gun-crazy Sheriff

Ohhhhh dear. ¬†The guy in charge of the recent Oregon mass-shooting is¬†one of these people who thinks the¬†Sandy Hook shooting (and probably others) was¬†some sort of "false flag" operation by secret government provocateurs who are trying to scare the people into supporting a ban on guns. ¬†And, naturally, the commie pinko leftist media is conspiring... Continue Reading →

9/11 conspiracy nutjobs bring their crazy to the App Store

Today in the iPhone App Store I spotted this:¬† an app which features a "walking tour" of the WTC site, photos/videos of the attack, and a timeline of events that day.¬† It doesn't really seem necessary given the unimaginable amount of information on the internet about 9/11.¬† I mean, really -- who needs an app... Continue Reading →

“The Resistance” is easy to resist

This story really made me heave.¬† Some whackjob issued a "press release" (i.e., a post on his website) telling people to boycott Starbucks.¬† He says their decision to temporarily resurrect their original logo amounts to putting porn in the hands of all who buy their coffee.¬† I guess this logo is threatening to send him... Continue Reading →

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