Jill Scott!

Due to excessive laziness/forgetfulness/drunkenness (kidding) I haven't posted a link to my Jill Scott photos from her recent tour kick-off show here in Seattle.  Check out the photos, and also swing by my profile on YouTube to see the video clips (there are two at 10 minutes each).  She's a hoot, and she sang her... Continue Reading →

Birthday, Monster, and Dick

Well, last Thursday I turned 36.  Wow...it just doesn't seem possible, but there it is.  Usually I pooh-pooh birthdays as no big deal, but there's something about that number that feels different.  Maybe it's because I'm past the mid-30's point on the way to 40, who knows.  I wouldn't consider 40 to be "old", and... Continue Reading →

Hollywood recap

I don't have the energy to write a super long post about our Hollywood trip (the pics probably tell it better), but I will say that we were both a little surprised at the level of skankiness.  I haven't been there for a few years and I do recall it being somewhat trashy, but I... Continue Reading →

The tarts are poppin’

Is it any coincidence that the American Idols Live Tour is being sponsored by Pop-Tarts?  I think not!  What better product to attach to a bunch of...well, pop tarts?  Both products are consumed by the lowest common denominator out there; both are bland and mainstream, devoid of substance or nutrition for the mind & body. ... Continue Reading →

Leslie & the Lys!

Oh mah gawd.  Sunday night I went with my friend Amy to watch Leslie Hall do her shimmering, gem-sweatery thing at El Corazon (which would be less of a shithole if they'd spramp the restrooms with Clorox once in a while).  I don't know her music at all, aside from a few snippets from her... Continue Reading →

Irish for an evening

On Tuesday night, Critter and I (along with his aunt and a couple of friends) made our way to the Triple Door in downtown Seattle to see Altan, one of Ireland's most acclaimed traditional bands.  (My online gallery has some great shots from the show.)  They were one of the first bands I discovered when... Continue Reading →

An evening with the Chixie Dicks

So we hit the Dixie Chicks show down in Tacoma over the weekend, courtesy of our friends Amy & Laura.  More photos are now online. We all agree that seeing another show in the Tacoma Dome is absolutely out of the question...  It was a long, long, LONG ordeal getting into Tacoma and finding parking... Continue Reading →

Time to put on my shitkickers!

This may be shocking, but this weekend I'm traveling down to Tacoma (home of the Tacoma Aroma) to see none other than the Dixie Chicks (or Chicks with Dicks, as Critter affectionately calls them).  Normally I wouldn't be caught dead at a country music concert, so obviously this wasn't my idea originally...a couple of our... Continue Reading →

Concert weekend

Wow, what a weekend.  Critter and I went to two concerts to see three bands:  Brand New Heavies, Brazilian Girls, and Pet Shop Boys.  I took pics from all three, though only two of the shows turned out well...  After the Brazilian Girls show, I decided I had to get a new compact camera because... Continue Reading →

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