So long, K-Cups

A while back I wrote a post about how those disposable (and non-recyclable) Keurig coffee cups are filling up our landfills with crap plastic.  So for the past couple of weeks we've stopped buying those K-Cups altogether.  Instead we used the reusable basket that came with the machine, which you can also buy separately.  It's cheaper... Continue Reading →

Koffee K-Kups Krapping Up Landfills

I have to confess that I'm a fan of these single-use instant coffee machines.  We used to use a regular drip coffeemaker, then tried the Senseo machine a few years ago because they appealed to our gadgety side.  It was pretty good, though you had to double-up on your "coffee pods" if you wanted stronger... Continue Reading →

Good to the last dropping

Joel (a.k.a. Raiderduck) sent this in.  I remember this from a couple of years ago and still can't believe how gullible some people are!  Sorta reminds me of what "Evian" says backwards... I saw this story on "Countdown" a few months ago and couldn't breathe for about 30 seconds, I was laughing so hard.  Apparently,... Continue Reading →

Shower Shock!

So you went out to a couple of clubs with your man, drank a few Screwdrivers and a shot (or two) of Goldschlager, then danced like a happy idiot in front of a group of stunned-yet-equally-as-drunk onlookers.  Then you both came home, smelling like the lungs of a chainsmoker, fried up a couple of veggie... Continue Reading →

Wake Up with Freedom Fighters

Need coffee?  Alec passed this along: This is just horrifying, or funny as hell. I cannot decide which one.  All I know is that I must buy some coffee grown by former Contras.  This is too fucked up to be fake. Mmmmm....  Smooth, rich, and bold.   It'll put ya in a fightin' mood this... Continue Reading →

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