The Satanists are on a (un)holy roll

The Satanic Temple has been doing this in various American cities and it's really forcing people to confront their unconstitutional bending of the rules to favor one religion over another (or none at all).  And as a former Phoenician, I'm finding this one deliciously entertaining! How the Satanic Temple forced Phoenix lawmakers to ban public prayer For weeks now,... Continue Reading →

Be careful what you wish for…

This is quite delicious: Christians who demand that kids be taught religion in public schools under the guise of "freedom of religion" are quickly finding out that something other than their religion might be brought up. Even though the material on Islam is in a purely historical context, they're flipping their wigs and calling it... Continue Reading →

Ken Reid of Leesburg, VA can fuck right off

Can't handle a challenge to your willful ignorance of church/state separation so you're going to toss words like "terrorists" around, eh?  Because you're soooo oppressed as a white Christian.  I wonder how that makes war vets feel to hear you say that -- you know, the ones who fought actual terrorists.  What an ass. Virginia... Continue Reading →

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