Let God do that Googlin’ for ya

The other day I got another instant message from God (I think he's bored) telling me about these new religion-based search engines.  They're aimed at self-deluded people who somehow can't get enough censorship in their lives, and these new search engines really do the trick. Some Jews, Muslims and Christians are abandoning Yahoo and Google... Continue Reading →

Dark times for the Web

The Surveillance Society mentality is streatching its tentacles out into everything and everywhere it can these days.  Check out these headlines: Nation-Wide Internet Censorship Proposed For Australia China To Photograph All Internet Cafe Customers Every Email In UK To Be Monitored Tool To Allow ISPs To Scan Every File You Transmit So the UK is... Continue Reading →

Eff Cee Cee and Pee Tee Cee: Boo Hoo

I feel a rant coming on.  Just a minute, it's almost here....and.... . . . .  Ahhh, there we go. The FCC has just been court-spanked in their attempt to fine TV stations who allow "obscene" language to slip out over the airwaves.  And oh, is the FCC angry! Their Chairman, a Republican named Kevin... Continue Reading →

Some quickies

O glorious day!  A handful of religious DVD-sanitizing companies were spanked by The Man this week when a federal judge declared that snipping the naughty bits out of movies and reselling them to oversensitive parents is breaking the law.  One of these companies actually uses the slogan "It's about choice."  Um, since when are overzealous... Continue Reading →

What? Military censorship? No way!

Everyone's freaking out about yesterday's update on Wonkette about the military censoring the Net for our boys and girls over in Iraq.  F'rinstance, they can reach Bill O'Reilly's and Rush Limbaugh's sites just fine, but Air America and Wonkette is blocked.  Yeah, it's insulting and sad, but what else can we expect from the military? ... Continue Reading →

Not your space after all…

Well! Since Rupert Murdoch bought MySpace recently, it seems he's been busy censoring its users when they discuss rival websites.  Of course, when the users revolted and began boycotting the site, Murdoch backed down, claiming it was a "simple misunderstanding."  Uh-huh.  What else can you expect from a notorious control freak, though? I really don't... Continue Reading →

Pee Tee Cee couch potatoes at it again

La la la...another day, another indecency complaint by the Moral Police.  This time they're targeting shows like "Family Guy", but somehow they think the Extreme Makeover shows are good family entertainment.  You know, those shows where they take people and tell them that the only path to true happiness is through corporate-sponsored plastic surgery.  (Just... Continue Reading →

When dipshits attack

Alec writes:  "Some asshat in Alabama wants to ban all books and plays by gay authors and that have gay characters.  I think it is about time to move to Amsterdam.  If I am going to leave I want to forget why."  Damn straight! I mean...right on! And like a true Christian Right propagandist, he's... Continue Reading →

Go back to sleep, everything is safely sanitized

Thank God that Congress is here to protect our children from smut!  Today's busy parents can't be bothered to spend too much time patrolling what their kids watch, so Congress just passed a bill which makes it easier for opportunistic "morally concerned" companies to edit, censor, and sanitize movies according to their own religious and... Continue Reading →

The war on bumperstickers

Looks like three Denver residents were ejected from one of Bush's propaganda "town meetings" the other day because they had one of those "No Blood for Oil" bumperstickers on their car.  So much for free speech.  They were actually ushered out of the auditorium because someone thought they might have caused a disruption, not because... Continue Reading →

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