Put it away or get the hell out!

The Alamo Drafthouse not only has a no-texting-during-movies policy, but they're willing to throw people out if they don't put their goddamn phones away.  This girl was recently tossed out and called back to bitch them out, so naturally they turned it into a brilliant YouTube PSA! There are few things more annoying than someone... Continue Reading →

Enjoy, toilet-talker

I'm feelin' ornery today.  Was just in the bathroom and a guy came into the stall next to me, dropped trou, sat down, and began CHATTING ON HIS PHONE.  Niiiice.  Gotta love how classy people can be these days. So I finished my bizness as noisily as possible, flushed, washed my hands...and went back to... Continue Reading →

NTDM, dammit!

One of the reasons I don't go out to movies very often anymore is that there are too many distractions.  You've got people chomping loudly on snacks, plastic wrappers crackling, children (sometimes clueless adults) yapping, and 20 minutes of brain-melting commercials before the show.  The latest annoyance?  Cellphones.  Or, rather, people who insist on using them... Continue Reading →


"Blah blah blah!" goes the loud cellphone-yakking guy on the bus.  "Blahbbity blah blah!   Also, blah the blah-blah while you're at it."  Okay... Posted here.

Next in the UK: crime-fightin’ cellphones

UK law enforcement officials are thinking about letting the general public upload videos of crimes they've captured on their cellphones to a special crime-fighting website.  Do they really think this will help?  Maybe it will.  They're already living in a surveillance society so they're used to the government watching their every move everywhere they go. ... Continue Reading →

Gettin’ my Tilt on

(If you're not a gadget whore, you may be bored to death by this post. 🙂 Lately I've been itching to upgrade my phone (a Blackberry Pearl) to something with a bigger screen and more geek potential.  Basically what I want is something for websurfing, checking email, and maybe enjoying the occasional video or some... Continue Reading →

Can you hear me now? No? Good!

The New York Times has a great story today about the increasing use of cellphone jammers to shut up obnoxious cellphone yakkers in public places. They're illegal in the U.S., of course, but people are importing them like crazy and putting them to good use. Seems like most of them are used to cut off... Continue Reading →

Friday quickies

This is just too strange:  Haley Joel Osment has been spanked for DUI.  Everybody say it with me:  "I see drunk people." Actor Rupert Everett is getting a Starbucks in his London neighborhood and he's not happy about, calling Starbucks a "cancer." He's so enraged that he's signing a petition expressing "deep concern" about it. ... Continue Reading →

Talkin’ crap

Finally, a story about people talking on cellphones while on the toilet!  Seems like every time I go to the john here at work, some dork is actually sitting on the toilet muttering to someone on his phone. I've also stood next to guys at the urinal who have a phone propped up to their... Continue Reading →

Spray-on silence

This is not new, but there's a story on Newsday today about nanotechnology paint which blocks cellphone signals.  Imagine:  movie theaters, churches, libraries, classrooms, stage performances, and many other places and activities can once again be free of the pest known as I.C.A, or the Inconsiderate Cellphone Asshole.  Of course, it would be preferable to... Continue Reading →

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