Thoughts on China’s epic traffic jam

The photos in this story are pretty amazing (see link below).  However, something struck me yesterday as I was talking about this mess with Critter.  Isn't sad and disappointing that, when it comes to helping others in need, humans tend to take the path of most profit? Local villagers were doing brisk business selling instant noodles,... Continue Reading →

A heroic dose (of disappointment)

This is seriously crappy news: the Netherlands is planning to ban the sale of magic mushrooms.  Thanks to a few stupid, irresponsible tourists, those who enjoy mushrooms responsibly will be out of luck, despite the Netherlands' mature and logical approach to drug laws.  Shroom use won't go away, will go underground where the government... Continue Reading →

Air Glory, indeed

Whoah...  If you're looking for a freaky headline, you can't do much better than "Christian music festival marred by death on bungee ride."  Looks like some poor girl at the Lifest Christian Music Festival died when the Air Glory bungee ride malfunctioned and catapulted her prematurely into the arms of Jesus.  So, of course, after... Continue Reading →

Grief for sale! Buy now!

The day after the Virginia Tech shootings, I wondered how long it would take some opportunist to begin selling VT ribbons/shirts/stickers, profiting off the grief of others.  They did it right after 9/11 and Katrina, after all, so why shouldn't this be any different?  Well, today I decided to do some Googling and see what... Continue Reading →

Shootings and cynicism

The media coverage of the horrific shootings at Virginia Tech has been both fascinating and disgusting to watch.  If the entire U.S. media could have a giant spontaneous orgasm, this is it!  They've descended like filthy carrion, fed on the flesh of both the living and the dead, and pooped out some record ratings.  T.V.... Continue Reading →

Post-vacation thoughts

Well, it's Thursday and I'm finally getting around to posting something.  I've been extremely tired and busy at work since getting back into town on Monday, but the job thing is taking a turn for the better with a promotion and what amounts to a 26.5% salary bump.  Like, hooray and stuff!  And, might I... Continue Reading →

What’s wrong with this picture?

A woman from Flagstaff, AZ (around where I grew up) was serving in Iraq recently.  She refused to participate in the torturing of prisoners, and ended up committing suicide a couple of days later.  Or did she?  Something about the details smells mighty fishy to me: According to KNAU, an Army investigation found that Peterson... Continue Reading →

R.I.P. BlueFrog

How totally disappointing.  Blue Security, one of the most promising anti-spam companies I've seen yet, has surrendered in the fight against evil spamming assholes.  Their service was fairly unique:  their BlueFrog software sent opt-out requests to spamvertised websites on behalf of its users, and if those requests were not honored, the sites were hammered with... Continue Reading →

Senseless in Seattle

The big news in Seattle today is all about the rave massacre which happened over the weekend on Capitol Hill.  It's the 2nd largest mass-killing Seattle has ever known.  I live on Capitol Hill so it was a bit of a shock to hear that it was so "close to home."  Stuff like this is... Continue Reading →

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