The Lost Stieg Larsson Novel

This is brilliant!  I've been enjoying the novels so far, and though I haven't even finished the 2nd book yet, I know that this is pretty much how the 4th will be.  Click to read the entire post! Lisbeth Salander made some coffee and sandwiches and sat down at her computer. She had a hard... Continue Reading →


I used to devour books.  I'd buy them 4-5 at a time, either in a bookstore (new and used) or from Amazon, and I'd read them voraciously.  But somewhere along the way, I kind of lost interest in reading for fun.  Suddenly I was reading more and more stuff like gadget/technology/media/entertainment blogs instead of anything... Continue Reading →

Peanuts revisited

Like a zillion other people on this planet, I grew up reading the Peanuts comic strip.  My grandmother used to buy those little paperback collections so my brother and I would have something fun to read when we came over to visit, and I read them all many times.  I haven't read Peanuts for years,... Continue Reading →

The Golden Compass and the falling sky

Yesterday we saw "The Golden Compass", the film adaptation of the first of three excellent novels by Philip Pullman.  The churchies have been all up in arms about this one, calling it blasphemous and evil and anti-Christian -- basically just like they do with everything else they feel threatened by.  They're convinced that Hollywood is... Continue Reading →

Bad movies. Good book.

Speaking of movie studios, Hollywood has been wallowing in a cesspool of bad movies for quite a while now, following every formula in the book:  mindless sequels, idiotic comedies about wacky families or talking animals, pointless and lame remakes, unnecessary TV show adaptations, really sucky horror flicks...the list is endless.  And they have the audacity... Continue Reading →

Harry Potter and the Ignorant Hausfrau

Here we go again!  Another hysterical religious nutball is trying to get Harry Potter books banned from local schools because -- you guessed it -- she thinks the books lead to witchcraft and evil and stuff.  Anti-literacy crusader Laura Mallory is determined to make sure kids in Gwinnett County, GA read only what she deems... Continue Reading →

Here we go again…again.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is joining the anti-Da Vinci Code crowd, scolding us for being "obsessed" with religious conspiracies and too paranoid to accept what the church says as truth.  "We have become so suspicious of the power of words...the first assumption we make is that we're faced with spin of some kind, with an... Continue Reading →

Duped! Duped, I say!

Apparently the public embarrassment caused by author James Frey's heavily-exaggerated tome of memoirs has finally caused Oprah to admit that she was duped.  He only admits to "altering" certain facts, but it sounds like he's done far more than that, especially considering that he originally pitched the book to various publishers as fiction (which they... Continue Reading →

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