News from the American Hellscape: The Whining Wall

Time for another round. This, folks, is a thing of beauty. Even today, after Trump's many broken promises, there are gullible nitwits out there who still think someone's going to build a wall to keep those dirty, violent brown people out, and they're willing to donate millions to make it happen (even though Trump personally... Continue Reading →

Be careful what you wish for…

This is quite delicious: Christians who demand that kids be taught religion in public schools under the guise of "freedom of religion" are quickly finding out that something other than their religion might be brought up. Even though the material on Islam is in a purely historical context, they're flipping their wigs and calling it... Continue Reading →

Noah’s wasn’t the first ark, folks

I love this kind of stuff.  It's a reminder that the Bible's Great Flood story is not unique -- it shows up in many cultures, often long before the Bible was written.  Maybe something global actually happened and was passed down through folklore... Prototype For Noah’s Ark Was Round Per 4,000-Year-Old Tablet A recently deciphered... Continue Reading →

Year of the Bible!

Whatever, Mr. Crazypants.  All I have to say is:  church, meet state.  Also: "The constant assertion of belief is an indication of fear." --Krishnamurti 2014 Is Year Of The Bible, Declares Flower Mound Texas Mayor Tom Hayden The Mayor of Flower Mound, Texas, made a special proclamation on December 16, 2013, declaring 2014 to be... Continue Reading →

But of course the Syrian crisis is a sign of the End Times

32% of Americans Think the Syrian Crisis is Part of ‘End Times’ The controversy involving Syria has 32% of Americans thinking that it’s all part of the “end times” as told in the Bible. 32%! A third of Americans seem to think there will be a Left Behind novel written about Syria. More specifically, 26%... Continue Reading →


Behold the Revolve Devotional Bible for Girls.  This is something you can actually buy.  I’m sure it’s chock-full of helpful tips for Christian girls, such as: God’s a man, Jesus is a man, and your husband is a man.  Be subservient to men at all times, because they are the most powerful and important people in... Continue Reading →

What? You mean Adam and Eve weren’t real??

This is fascinating:  science finally begins to unravel Bible stories among believers.  I mean, the idea of all of humanity spawning from two people (one of whom magically created from the other's rib) is simply preposterous, but people actually believe this stuff as if it's 100% fact!  But now some cracks are beginning to show as Christian... Continue Reading →

Which smokes better: Bible or Koran?

Once again we're reminded that most religious types don't have a sense of  humor. In a 12-minute clip entitled "Bible or Koran – which burns best?" Mr Stewart, who works for the Queensland University of Technology, holds up the two religious texts before ripping them apart and lighting the rolled up pages. At one stage... Continue Reading →

Faith-based toys to hit US stores

God help us, the Christian toys are now coming to store shelves, and at Wal-Mart, even.  Last December they were rejected (and later accepted) by Toys for Tots, so that must have emboldened them to spread their silly wares into toy stores. From the middle of August, Wal-Mart, the biggest toy retailer in the US,... Continue Reading →

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