A blessed visit from the Holy Water Vapor

Oh for fuck's sake.  Honestly, people, you need to get a grip on reality here.  Sorry, but this stuff just drives me bonkers...  Just because the clouds do something you've never seen before doesn't mean it's a sign from God or that the "end times" are near.  Even if it was a sign, what is... Continue Reading →

If you’re an atheist, don’t let the assholes silence you

I agree with some of what this guy says about today's atheist movement.  There are a lot of angry, bitter, even hateful atheists out there who are relentlessly vocal on social media.  (I've written dozens of pissy posts about Christians and their antics, but I don't think they were hateful.  Well, maybe a couple.)  But the presence of Asshole Atheists shouldn't cause one... Continue Reading →

The “limitations” of being spiritual but not religious

According to the latest Pew report, almost 1 in 5 Americans identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” In other words, they have some feeling, some intuition of something greater, but feel allergic to institutions. Yet as we approach Passover and Easter, it’s important to remember that it is institutions and not abstract feelings that... Continue Reading →

Say what you want about Islam as long as it’s nice, mmmkay?

I just can't identify at all with this mentality that religious beliefs are 100% beyond scrutiny.  Threatening (or committing) violence against anyone who says something negative about one's beliefs is, to me, a form of mental illness.  Bad programming.  Labeling critics as "racists" is marginally less crazy, but still absurd.  Does criticizing the Westboro Baptists... Continue Reading →

An atheist “converts” because of Easter

Sorry, but I don't buy this guy's "conversion" from atheism simply by reading the Bible and asking "experts" -- he was obviously not an atheist to begin with.  There are far too many contradictions in the Bible about the resurrection, especially since the Gospels were written between 40-70 years after the supposed event.  If you do enough... Continue Reading →

Equal opportunity indoctrination

It's only fair, isn't it?  Oh, I see.  You want to indoctrinate children into your religion without any competition.  Not with the Freedom From Religion Foundation on the case. Atheists win right to pass out materials at Florida high schools If the Christians get to do it, then so should we. That was the winning... Continue Reading →

The Pope doesn’t really “get” agnostics…

"Intolerant agnosticism", he says.  Oh don't get me started on who's intolerant, Pope.  You and your minions have zero room to talk.  Also, doesn't he know that agnostics can't commit to anything enough to be intolerant? 😀 Pope says Church must stand firm against 'intolerant agnosticism' Under increasing attack because of outspoken opposition to homosexual... Continue Reading →

Ken Reid of Leesburg, VA can fuck right off

Can't handle a challenge to your willful ignorance of church/state separation so you're going to toss words like "terrorists" around, eh?  Because you're soooo oppressed as a white Christian.  I wonder how that makes war vets feel to hear you say that -- you know, the ones who fought actual terrorists.  What an ass. Virginia... Continue Reading →

The presence of atheism on campus is “confusing” our young ‘uns

Of course students might be confused.  They'll be challenged to really think about their beliefs and why they believe them.  If other religious groups can have a recruiting presence on campus, why not the non-religious?  Anyone feeling threatened by the presence of atheists likely feels some doubts they don't wish to face. And that name:  Faithful Soldier... Continue Reading →

Shocker: atheists are almost human

Check out this headline:  "Studies say atheists, believers both do good, but for different reasons."  Well, no shit.  Ya mean atheists don't just run around kicking babies and stomping on puppies?  Well I'll be ka-jiggered! Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley conducted three experiments that show less religious people perform acts of generosity more... Continue Reading →

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