GOP Death Cult roundup

I have to apologize in advance for some potentially insensitive things I'm gonna say about dead people, but this stuff has me bouncing between rage and apathy like a goddamn ping pong ball. So let's get to it! The potato-faced √ľber-Karen known as Marjorie Taylor Greene has been shitting her ignorance all over social media... Continue Reading →

Toxic Christianity: will we ever find a cure?

They can be seen whining in the news, spreading conspiracies on social media, hate-preaching on the streets, and even sitting maskless in church, belting out an off-key rendition of "God Loves the Poor and Downtrodden (Except The Faggots). One might be a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or (worst of all) your boss. They... Continue Reading →

Yes, supporting Trump makes you a shitty person

Don't you just love generalizations? But in this case I think it's justified. And just FYI I've been stewing about this for many months, so if I come across as angry or hateful, well...let's just say Trump and his simpering fans bring out the worst in me. ūüėÄ Over the past couple of years I've... Continue Reading →

Longtime cigar-sucker somehow gets cancer

So Rush Limbaugh has lung cancer. Well, isn't that interesting. Here's my little personal history with this guy. In the early 90's, when I left home and moved to Phoenix to do the college thing, I discovered Rush on the radio. To my small-town mind, which hadn't been exposed to a lot of politics (and... Continue Reading →

News from the American Hellscape: Bullets and Bullshit

This "invasion" nonsense has been spouted by racist nutjobs for decades.¬† I remember in the mid-90's there was a lot of frothy-mouthed hysteria about the "Aztlan conspiracy", which claims that illegal immigrants are slowly and methodically invading the Southwest U.S. in an effort to re-colonize it and magically turn it into their own country.¬† Yeah...totally... Continue Reading →

News from the American Hellscape: Conservative Assholes Raising a Stink

Well this is something to brighten anyone's day:¬† the Nazi twat who runs the Daily Stormer website will have to pay out the wazoo to answer for his stupid racist crimes.¬† What an unmitigated asshole.¬† I hope he goes broke and ends up on the soup line somewhere.¬† That is, if he ever comes out... Continue Reading →

News from the American Hellscape: Pride & Prickishness

Such petty bullshit coming from our government. But should we expect any better at this point? Trump Administration Denies U.S. Embassies Permission To Fly Pride Flag U.S. embassies in Germany, Israel, Brazil and Latvia requested permission from the State Department to fly the rainbow flag on their flagpoles and were denied, NBC News reported Friday,... Continue Reading →

“Straight pride” and the hilariously pathetic self-victimization of conservative snowflakes

Ya gotta love it when straight bigots try to play the victim card. It's so cute how righteously indignant they are. They actually think that by granting some people rights that have long been denied, it somehow diminishes the rights of everyone who already has them. Especially straight white people -- somehow they're the most... Continue Reading →

Dear Pok√©mon Go player: don’t be an asshole

As if we don't have enough people walking around with their faces buried in their phones, oblivious to¬†everything around them, now we've got¬†people tossing all common sense out the window and being insensitive dicks about it as they try to "catch" imaginary creatures in an app that collects mountains of data on who and where... Continue Reading →

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