Killer products

The tech blogs are all atwitter today after learning that Microsoft has been working on their own "Photoshop killer" and had recently stopped work on it in order to focus on other things.  OK, am I the only one getting sick of the way new, competing products are automatically called "killers"?  How many times have... Continue Reading →

iLosers rising

Oh boy, here we go again:  another mindless, babbling twat whose sole goal in his meaningless little life is to somehow "destroy the iPod cult."  His childish scribblings about iPods and conspiracies and brainwashing reveals a mind slowly losing its grip on reality.  He accuses the iPod of creating a society of people who don't... Continue Reading →


I love Steve Jobs.  (Well, not in that way.)  Not only because of the stuff he's done and the gadgets he's helped to create, but also because of what he says.  He's turned online music shopping to a profitable venture for music companies where many others have failed miserably, and yet he's still cocky enough... Continue Reading →

I’ll take a dozen.

OK, I'll admit it:  I'm an iPod whore.  I take it with me most places, and I've got my music collection painstakingly organized the way I want it.  I don't buy lots of gadgets for it, but I do have a carrying case with a flip-up face and a handy belt clip.  An iTrip is... Continue Reading →

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