Texas: a microcosm of the GOP’s worst fuckery

For decades the Texas GOP has managed to maintain Texas' status as the socio-political bunghole of America. They've outdone themselves this time, however. Not only have they outlawed abortion at 6 weeks (when most women wouldn't even know they're pregnant yet), they've turned everyday citizens into anti-choice vigilantes who can spy and snitch on anyone... Continue Reading →

Religious conservative “morals” are anything but

Here we have two stories that perfectly sum up the fucked-up values of America's religious conservatives. Let's start with this: Republicans Are Pissed About Crackdowns on Vaccine Exemptions The fight against measles in a handful of states is facing staunch opposition from Republicans and anti-vaxx parents as lawmakers crack down on exemptions that let kids... Continue Reading →

Disturbed loner expresses opinion at clinic

It's been mighty interesting watching anti-choicers distance themselves from the recent shooting at Planned Parenthood.  It's especially fun watching these particular fuckwits squrim, because to me they are indirectly responsible for what happened. David Daleiden, the head of the Center for Medical Progress, the group that released controversial and heavily edited videos of Planned Parenthood employees... Continue Reading →

Use an app, tap a screen, save a life! (Not really)

This is another one of those stories I saved as a draft nearly two years ago and never got around to posting.  But since Planned Parenthood is such a hot news topic these days, this seems like a good time to share! This is akin to all those Facebook posts saying "Click LIKE on this... Continue Reading →

Pro-life or just anti-woman?

I don't know who Jim Wright is, but I'm now following him on Facebook because of this lovely bit of writing.  He puts anti-abortion conservatives on the spot with their own "pro-life" logic.  If you're really pro-life, you'd do exactly as he says and put womens' health first.  Otherwise you're just using politics and religion to... Continue Reading →

The necklace that will destroy America!

As George Carlin so wonderfully put it:   "pro-life" conservatives don't give a shit about you after you're born -- until you reach military age, that is.  No matter how a child is conceived, be it rape or incest or plain ol' lack of planning, they want that thing born no matter what, even if... Continue Reading →

FYI to Michigan vagina owners: don’t get raped unless you’re insured

Jeezus.  Can these Republican man-pigs possibly be any more anti-woman?  Why not just ban vaginas while you're at it?  Yeah!  Can't have an abortion without a 'gina, right guys!!  *snork snork* (I'm sure some women voted for this, too--there are always a few who vote their own rights away.  Sigh.) Michigan 'Rape Insurance' Bill Passes Into... Continue Reading →

Yes, Texas IS the worst state

Without Tampons Present, Texas Passes Restrictive Abortion Law After banning the presence of any female hygiene products from its Senate floor, Texas passed its restrictive abortion law last night, which will ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy as well as install new regulations that will most likely drive abortion clinics out of business. Another... Continue Reading →

Right-wing pregnancy “counseling” clinics love crack/rape babies, hate women

This is simply outrageous, but hardly a surprise.  And this story comes from the UK -- just imagine how much worse the ones in the U.S. can be! Women receiving advice from pregnancy counselling centres run by faith-based and anti-abortion organisations are subjected to scaremongering, emotive language and inaccurate information about abortion, according to an... Continue Reading →

The Church sez: Abortion=Bad, Pedophiles=Welcome

This is despicable:  a child-abusing priest wasn't defrocked for his crimes...simply because he didn't want the punishment.  This non-action was even blessed by the man who is now Pope.  What the what?? So a nun in Phoenix can be excommunicated because she approved an abortion which saved the life of the mother, but this pedophile... Continue Reading →

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