It all comes back to him

I tend to make sweeping generalizations in my posts, usually for simplicity (but sometimes just for spite). However, in this case I'm going to declare it 100% justified when I say that Trump has played the biggest part in the three scariest threats (in my opinion) we face in this raging American dumpster fire: distrust... Continue Reading →


This was supposed to be posted months ago but the dipshittery of the subject matter made it hard to finish. Better late than never? I probably shouldn't be so astounded that something like QAnon became such a massive "movement." It's a pro-Trump religious cult after all, and we've all seen how Trumpers don't exactly question... Continue Reading →

Yes, supporting Trump makes you a shitty person

Don't you just love generalizations? But in this case I think it's justified. And just FYI I've been stewing about this for many months, so if I come across as angry or hateful, well...let's just say Trump and his simpering fans bring out the worst in me. 😀 Over the past couple of years I've... Continue Reading →

Mealy-Mouthed Moron Menaced by Meanies with Mics

A friend of mine on Facebook recently lamented Trump's childish hostility towards reporters who ask difficult questions (and many asking easy ones). I agree: Trump has been a massive dick to hardworking journalists who are giving us real news, not the half-assed tripe that spills from his drooling mouth. Naturally, his Facebook post rubbed a... Continue Reading →

Christians vs. Reality (Spoiler: reality is winning)

With the terrorizing spread of COVID-19, brave Christians all over America have decided to show just how defiant and unafraid they are. A virus? We can't even see it! How can it hurt us? Jesus will protect us! And that's why you have crap memes like this flooding social media: Because, naturally, Christians feel compelled... Continue Reading →

Longtime cigar-sucker somehow gets cancer

So Rush Limbaugh has lung cancer. Well, isn't that interesting. Here's my little personal history with this guy. In the early 90's, when I left home and moved to Phoenix to do the college thing, I discovered Rush on the radio. To my small-town mind, which hadn't been exposed to a lot of politics (and... Continue Reading →

Hooray, now we have socio-political rage spam for penis pills

I've seen a LOT of spam over the past couple of decades.  I've seen every pitch, every clickbait subject line, every phony email supposedly from one of my contacts.  It's just old hat by now, and I don't even see spam emails anymore unless I go into the folder they get swept into by Gmail's... Continue Reading →

News from the American Hellscape: Bullets and Bullshit

This "invasion" nonsense has been spouted by racist nutjobs for decades.  I remember in the mid-90's there was a lot of frothy-mouthed hysteria about the "Aztlan conspiracy", which claims that illegal immigrants are slowly and methodically invading the Southwest U.S. in an effort to re-colonize it and magically turn it into their own country.  Yeah...totally... Continue Reading →

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