Bless those fightin’ fetuses

ES Jacobson sent me this silly-yet-horrifying item: Barry, I came across this through someone on my LiveJournal Friends list. It says it's a parody "sort of" but you can also really buy it.  I bet there are a ton of radicals out there who actually think it's real and it's neat.  That's probably whom the... Continue Reading →

Hairy rockin’ patriots UNITE!

Oh my GOD.  This is possibly the worst patriotic anthem ever...although I still haven't heard Ted Nugent's song "Stand" yet.  Prepare yourself for...America We Stand As One!!  Notice the cover of the CD single:  a hairy rocker-dude standing on the peak of a mountain, much like Mustafa the Lion King, with the light of (Christian)... Continue Reading →

Must-see peepeecaca

Oh, great...this isn't totally surprising, but nevertheless it's most unwelcome: Hollywood is about to unleash a torrent of Iraq-related patriotic movies and T.V. shows on the, easily-swayed public. Also not surprising is this line from the story: "One aspect is glaringly absent from most projects: negativity." That's right, they're not gonna touch anything too... Continue Reading →

Praying for Peace…?

[Click to enlarge]  If you, like almost half our country, think that George W. Bush is completely and utterly full of prime USDA Grade-A bullshit (kind of like a Hardee's Monster Bullshitburger), then this will absolutely ruin your day.  Then again, it's so absurd, so mind-bendingly moronic, that you can't help but shake your head... Continue Reading →

Watch your mouth.

OK, this is just scary.  A high school talent show featuring students who sing a Bob Dylan song is considered a "threat to the President" because of the song's lyrics?  What the hell is that all about?  Looks like they sang the song just as it was written, and they weren't singing it specifically to... Continue Reading →

Celebrate victory!

[Click pic to enlarge] Sometimes those web ads show up in the worst possible places, ya know?  Here's a great example from our friend Alec.  The ads on that site most likely come up totally at random, but this ad inserted right into the middle of that story...ouch!  He's right:  it's tragic, yet worth a... Continue Reading →

The soul is an arrow…and stuff.

The wonders never cease.  While slumming thru rock 'n' roll hairball Ted Nugent's website recently (bored to death, obviously) I noticed some of the interesting books he has for sale.  One of them is a coloring book called Kamp for Kids Koloring Book.  Anything about that title strike you as odd?  Yeah, I counted the... Continue Reading →

Where’s the brown ribbon?

The colored "cause ribbons" of the 90's and the newfound war-fueled patriotism of the last couple of years have produced the bastard offspring known as the ribbon magnets.  They perform the same function as the old ribbons:  they invoke a cause, and then proceed to do absolutely nothing about it.  In this case, the message... Continue Reading →

Comments on commentary

Today's New York Post has a commentary written by Steve Dunleavy, the father of a soldier who was just shipped off to fight in Iraq.  It's written with all the emotion of a proud dad seeing his son march off to do his duty, but of course it's also got an angry pro-war tone as... Continue Reading →

Commemorate this!

It's hard to believe (or is it?), but some companies are still trying to cash in on the whole 9/11 nostalgia thing.  One company is trying to sell commemorative "Freedom Tower" coins which they claim are 1) government-issued and 2) made from silver taken from WTC wreckage.  Unbelievable.   These things aren't even made in the... Continue Reading →

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