Dear God: your dangerously extremist followers are due for a smiting

This poppped up on Jeff Patcher's Musings yesterday, and I nearly fell off my chair. Tennessee county plans to take up a resolution begging god for mercy Tomorrow, Blount county Tennessee will take up a resolution which begs god for mercy.  It was written by Blount County commissioner Karen Miller and will come up for consideration at Tuesday... Continue Reading →

Tortured into silence

Well this is scary stuff.  Not only was this guy tortured for years by the U.S. government -- which failed to provide any terrorism-related information -- but he can't even talk about it to anyone except his lawyers.  If he does, our military drones will probably bomb his house. U.S. government blocks release of new CIA... Continue Reading →

E-cigarettes: potential cause of nationwide forest destruction!

This is utterly bewildering. National Park Service Bans The Use Of E-Cigarettes Anywhere Smoking Is Prohibited The National Park Service already prohibits smoking inside its buildings and in many outdoor spots included in its many miles of landholdings, and now vaping with an e-cigarette will be banned as well: the agency announced Monday that e-cigs... Continue Reading →

Foie Gras: cuisine pour les assholes

I do eat some meat (chicken and turkey 99% of the time), so in that way I'm contributing to the industrialized killing of animals, just like most of the rest of the country. However, there's a slight difference between that and eating something that resulted from an animal being force-fed until its organs nearly explode. Foie gras is simply... Continue Reading →

I’m still alive!

It's been 8 months since my last confession -- er, post.  I've mostly been hanging out on Facebook (like everyone else), but honestly I'm getting super tired of that.  I'm starting to miss posting to my own "special place" where I don't have to worry about igniting an epic flamewar between myself and someone who... Continue Reading →

A child with an Uzi: what could go wrong?

I'm not even going to question why the hell a little girl is shooting an Uzi. This story is perfect just the way it is! It has everything you could expect from an incident in the gun-happy Southwest: a 9-year-old girl with an Uzi, a head wound, and a shooting range called Bullets and Burgers.... Continue Reading →

Time to kick those K-Cups to the kurb, people

Oh for fuck's sake.  Keurig is going to lock down "approved" coffee pods to work only on their machines?  This is one of the stupidest uses of DRM I've seen yet -- it's copy-protection taken to its most absurd extreme. It's also another reason to stop buying into the expensive and wasteful coffee pod fad.  Quit being... Continue Reading →

A Nazi-themed party in a German restaurant? Heil-arious!

These WWII reenactment people see absolutely nothing wrong with having a Nazi dinner party and apparently have all kinds of justifications for why it's harmless and even necessary.  Yeah, sure...whatever helps you sleep at night.  My biggest question is:  why in the world would ANY German restaurant host an event like this?  Seriously. Fancy Midwestern... Continue Reading →

An orgy for the eyes

Nasir al-Mulk 'Pink Mosque' Of Iran Is Like Stepping Into A Kaleidoscope From the outside, the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran, seems like a fairly traditional house of worship -- but it's hiding a gorgeously colorful secret. Now this is something I'd like to see in person someday, though it's not likely since Iran... Continue Reading →

Support secular charities!

This is How You Can Help a Ugandan School Built on Humanist Principles I’ve posted a couple articles on this site, written by Sean McGuire, about the Kasese Humanist Primary School, a school in Uganda that’s founded and run on Secular Humanist principles, a school that emphasizes science and teaches students to think critically. These days I'm trying to... Continue Reading →

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