Watch where you’re pointing that thing!

Wow, you Texas folks sure take that “concealed carry” thing seriously!  Now I’m wondering how many Texas guys are walkin’ around with handguns shoved up their arses.  You know, ‘cause it’s their Second Amendment right and all that. Texas Woman Arrested With Loaded Handgun In Vagina After she was arrested, Castaneda allegedly told the officer she... Continue Reading →

A blessed visit from the Holy Water Vapor

Oh for fuck's sake.  Honestly, people, you need to get a grip on reality here.  Sorry, but this stuff just drives me bonkers...  Just because the clouds do something you've never seen before doesn't mean it's a sign from God or that the "end times" are near.  Even if it was a sign, what is... Continue Reading →

“Downworthy” translates shitty clickbait headlines into…something more realistic

I absolutely love this idea because so many "news" sites are just clickbait trying to suck you in. Buzzfeed and Upworthy, I'm glaring in your direction! In Chrome you can even toggle it on and off by clicking the button in the toolbar. Brilliant. Downworthy: A browser plugin to turn hyperbolic viral headlines into what they... Continue Reading →

Tour Angkor Wat (sorta) for free

Google may have its evil aspects, but you have to admit they do some damn cool things with techology via their deep, deep pockets.  F'rinstance, now you can tour Angkor Wat (and many other such temples) via Google Street View.  Fascinating stuff! Angkor Wat Might Be the Prettiest Street View Yet Fresh outta Cambodia, Angkor Wat is... Continue Reading →

Finally, a card game just for assholes

We played Cards Against Humanity for the first time on Christmas when someone at the party got it as a gift.  It was a hilarious, appalling, gasping-in-shock good time.  It's basically Apples To Apples for adults, and it's definitely not for those who don't/can't appreciate tasteless and black humor.  One of the people playing kept apologizing... Continue Reading →

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