Shocker: Republicans are still full of shit regarding marijuana

The country's attitude about marijuana has come a long way in the past few years, and it was interesting to see Republican candidates in the last debate speaking openly about not only using it (40 years ago, of course) but recognizing that putting people in prison for using it is a victimless crime.  One of them even said... Continue Reading →

HIV? No. STD? Um…yeah.

This is incredible news!  It's not a cure for AIDS, but it's looking to be your best preventative measure to keep from getting infected with HIV.  Of course that shouldn't be an excuse to go out and stick your wang into every hole you can find, because you can still catch half of these folks found... Continue Reading →

When your death sentence disappears

Up until a few years ago, people with HIV had to accept the fact that they would likely be dead before middle age -- but many have survived thanks to advances in treatment. Now they're dealing with new complications (some health related) and uncertainties about a future they didn't really plan for. My husband once found himself in... Continue Reading →

Arizona’s $1.7 million welfare circle-jerk finally “pays off”

The nutbags behind this push for drug testing were really, really hoping to find widespread abuse and fraud.  Because, you know, all them welfare folks are just lazy moochers who don't wanna work, right?  What they found was next to nothing.  Oh how lovely to see how they'll spin this into something they wanted to find....... Continue Reading →

Dr. Gupta finally gets it

The medicinal properties of cannabis have been common knowledge for decades, though the anti-drug people have done their best to demonize it and propagate the myth that it's a "gateway drug" to far worse things.  Dr. Gupta publicly fought against it for years and suddenly had a change of heart after deciding to actually look... Continue Reading →

People are now so desperate to get high that they’re melting their own flesh

First Cases Of Flesh-Eating Homemade Drug Krokodil Reported In United States This is when America starts to resemble a zombie movie. CBS News on the super-potent, cheap heroin substitute made from codeine, gasoline, and paint thinner that causes tissue necrosis. Sweet Zombie Jesus!  Apparently this is real, and while it's far more widespread in Russia,... Continue Reading →

Hey, guess what? Marijuana is medicine.

Marijuana stops child's severe seizures She had the oil tested at a lab and started Charlotte out on a small dose. "We were pioneering the whole thing; we were guinea pigging Charlotte," Paige said. "This is a federally illegal substance. I was terrified to be honest with you." But the results were stunning.  "When she didn't... Continue Reading →

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