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The following was written pretentiously in the third person…as if this was a fancy book jacket or something.

About the site

The author has been writing and “publishing” stuff since his early teens, starting with silly newsletters in Jr. High, zines in High School, and the inevitable political rags in college.  After said college years, in 1994 he created a crappy HTML homepage and called it Total Obscurity — referring to how, at the time, almost everyone was no-one on the internet unless you were lucky enough to appear on Lycos or Webcrawler.  It was self-hosted until 2006 when it jumped to Typepad as a “real” blog under the name Quantum Moronics, bounced back to self-hosted WordPress in 2010, and finally landed here at wordpress.com…hopefully for good.

About the author

The author grew up in Arizona and has been living in Seattle since 2000.  In 2014 he married his partner of 10 years, and they have a house and a dog named after a character on Absolutely Fabulous (yes, supergay).  He loves absurd and clever comedy, enjoys weird books and ridiculous music, plays the “Borderlands” games like they’re crack, and grows gourmet mushrooms as a hobby.  He also prefers to remain somewhat anonymous, but it wouldn’t be too hard to dig up a name.  Assuming anyone cares, that is.

Regarding the author’s often hostile and expletive-filled kvetching about the political antics of Christians and conservatives, he would like to reassure the reader that he’s rather mellow and goofy in person, and that writing this stuff is just a fun way to vent.  The author recommends that anyone offended by his assholery might be better off hoping over to superfundisneyhappythoughts.com. 🙂

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