You know what? I just turned 50 (I know, don’t get me started) and over the past few months I’ve realized that I miss having fun with blogging. I spend far too much time just bitching about stuff that’s awful… I’ve done soooo much of that over the years, and having Trump in our daily lives broke my brain enough to make me double-down on it. Then came the COVID-19 shitshow, which was just gasoline on the dumpster fire.

So I’ve been frustrated and depressed, and a lot of those thoughts end up here. It’s sort of therapeutic, but it’s also starting to wear me down. That’s why I’m feeling the need to lighten things up a bit. Maybe post stuff that’s a little more personal, a little less pissy, and not always about Republican pigfuckers trying to overthrow our government using an orange mongoloid with shitty hair the political climate or death-culty Christians sacrificing their flocks to King COVID religious disagreements. I can’t say I’ll never post about those things again, but I do want to mix things up. That’s the plan, anyway.

I’m also thinking of retiring the Q.M. name and going back to Total Obscurity, which I started out with ages ago. But we’ll see…

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