One comment on “Christians vs. Reality (Spoiler: reality is winning)

  1. Yeah, I’ve been waiting and cringeing over every new post related to church congregations, knowing that somebody’s either contaminated one, or flaunting the rules to let it happen. Sheesh. That’s the thing that always drove me nuts, and you hit it. The whole “everything happens for a reason” schtick goes both ways. We all have brains, maybe God would want us to use what we’ve learned and be sensible with it?
    I wonder how many of these pastors brushed off the question “why do bad things happen to good people?” by every child that came their way. They seem to insist because they have faith, they won’t get sick. News flash: we’re all carrier monkeys, and even the most faithful people get into car accidents, go blind or deaf, get cancer, etc. What do they have to say about that?
    Frankly, the phrase “God has a plan.” pisses me off more than anything, because it’s the ultimate nothing platitude that’s meant to sound profound, but is a lazy way out.
    Be well–don’t let the crazies get to you too much.


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