Religious conservative “morals” are anything but

worship or else

Here we have two stories that perfectly sum up the fucked-up values of America’s religious conservatives. Let’s start with this:

Republicans Are Pissed About Crackdowns on Vaccine Exemptions

The fight against measles in a handful of states is facing staunch opposition from Republicans and anti-vaxx parents as lawmakers crack down on exemptions that let kids skip vaccinations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that through Friday there have been 839 individual cases of measles throughout 23 states. That’s the most cases since 1994, making this the worst measles outbreak in decades. In response, a number of states where it’s spread have been trying to limit exemptions, with efforts mostly led by Democrats.

Washington State got rid of personal/philosophical exemptions. California is making it harder to claim false exemptions. Oregon got rid of the “moral” exemption. Connecticut is looking at removing religious exemptions. Maine has tossed philosophical exemptions. Slowly but surely, reason and common sense are making headway against tidal waves of anti-vaxxer bullshit, and naturally Republicans are howling like the infantile little assholes we all know they are. Oh, you don’t want the government dictating your health choices in the face of a nationwide epidemic? Let’s come back to that when you stop taking womens’ uteruses hostage because you think a blob is a person. And speaking of which…

Alabama Governor Signs Abortion Ban Into Law

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey signed a controversial bill that bans nearly all abortions into law Wednesday evening. It’s considered the most restrictive abortion law in the United States. The law makes it a crime for doctors to perform abortions at any stage of a pregnancy, unless a woman’s life is threatened or there is a lethal fetal anomaly.

This is the “pro-life” world we now live in, folks: religious conservatives (overwhelmingly men, naturally) forcing women to give birth to unwanted children, while at the same time fighting legislation that prevents those same children from getting sick…and possibly dying. They’d also like to let anyone of any mental state purchase automatic weapons, because without all those dead schoolkids they wouldn’t be able to look and feel compassionate by publicly spouting their Thoughts And Prayers™ on Twitter. And let’s not forget that they overwhelmingly support the death penalty. Yep, sounds “pro-life” to me all right.

But wait, we shouldn’t stop there. We can take this so much further. First we need steep fines on non-procreative ejaculations. Outlaw jerking off — it’s causing trillions of innocent pre-babies to die in a holocaust of towels and tissues! Next we need to outlaw the burning of coal and oil, because carbon is one of the building blocks of life (if you believe in that science stuff, anyway). And what about those poor fetuses and blobs which have now been granted full personhood? First we need to give them voting rights. They’ll also have property rights with the ability to rent out space in the womb. Make them attend church, because Jesus died for our blobs’ sins. And let them be the second passenger in the carpool lane, fer chrissakes! That blob is a person, you monster!

But enough of that. To paraphrase Saint Carlin, these people don’t give a shit about you once you’re born. Once you’re out of the womb, you’re on your own. They’ll use their power to bring you into the world, but they don’t want a single government dollar going to help feed and care for you if your mother can’t do it all on her own. They just want you born, and then you’re not their problem. This is how they keep women in their place, as the Bible clearly dictates. Praise be!

This all leads me to believe that the mind of an American religious conservative can be a dark and twisted maze of contradictions and misguided piety. Selfish, irrational, willfully ignorant and dismissive of established knowledge, compromised by their belief of a guaranteed spot in Heaven, wielding religion as a weapon against those they don’t like, driven to control the behavior of others under the guise of “moral concern” — it’s a scary place, and minds like this have been very busy chipping away at whatever legal protections we still have against their influence. Now that Trump is in power and appointing hundreds of right-wing judges into lifetime positions, I’m starting think these motherfuckers just might get their wish of a real-world “Handmaid’s Tale.”

I’m fully aware that conservatives automatically call this attitude intolerant. “Typical intolerant libtard! Can’t stand different opinions. Fuckin snowflake.” But you know what? Nobody should tolerate the kinds of immoral and inhumane things these people are getting away with. So if I’m an intolerant asshole to them (and I’ve been told as much by a few), I’m fine with that.

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  1. I was wondering if someone else would comment on the men masturbating without punishment, as it’s an aborted possible-life they just flushed away (hee hee). I don’t live in the affected states, but let’s face it, I’m in the South, and it’s bound to happen soon. What is wrong with these people?


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