2 comments on “Death, etc.

  1. This post really hit home with me.

    A friend of mine pointed me to your site when it was still “totalobscurity.com” (which is still what I type in when I want to read your latest stuff) years ago. He passed away when he was only 23… but sometimes when I think of him, and feel nostalgic, I remember your site, and get the urge to check it out. You’re a great and humorous writer; you truly have a gift.

    Getting old is tough. Glad you’re still around, and sharing your point of view with the world!


    • Well thanks, that’s very kind of you! Even though there’s a sad memory associated with it, I’m glad the site holds some positive nostalgia. It does for me too, even though it’s now about 20 years old which makes me feel sooooper old…

      It’s interesting how a scary or difficult time can create associations between things. Believe it or not, I still think about my long-gone grandma when I see a photo of a rattlesnake. She was a tough old lady who lived by herself out in the Arizona desert, and when I was about 9 I nearly stepped on a rattler very close to her house. I ran in and told her, then watched dumbstruck as she promptly grabbed a shovel and proceeded to hack its head off. She didn’t mess around! I gained a whole new respect for her right then. 🙂


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