8 comments on “Running list of Donald Trump epithets

  1. You idiots that are destroying what is possibly our last chance to wrestle OUR government away from the crooked cartel that has seized it should all be charged with treason ! The Clintons and the Bush family have destroyed this once great country with trade deals like NAFTA and TPP which send our jobs to other countries paying slave wages in return for huge kickbacks . They have prosecuted war after war to make themselves and their friends rich while turning the great country of America into strongarm thieves of America . Mr. Trump is a patriot who was more than happy with the life he had built but could no longer stand by and watch these criminals destroy everything they touched for their own selfish gain . He fights the good fight today against not only the democrats and the Hillary Clinton lie factory but the neocon republicans and the entire leftist media and people like you who are just too damn lazy to do your our research . You blindly follow people who have sold our ICBM technology to the Chinese that now have have our entire country targeted . They have supplied the outlaw country of N Korea with nuclear capability , sold Russia 20% of our national uranium reserves , given our enemies complete unfettered access to our state department resulting in the deaths of several intelligence agents , were in partnership with Saudi Arabia in the 9/11 attacks and supplied al qaeda with arms to start several wars in the middle east and north africa causing the refugee crisis that now threatens all of Europe and if Hillary & Obama have their way …America too. Ya , we do “lose our fucking shit” when we see moron traitors like you giving aid to the enemy !


    • I don’t deny that Hillary’s probably had a hand in shady political fuckery over the years, and I don’t think she’s the solution to all our problems by any means. But your solution to our corrupt political situation is…this guy? An openly racist, woman-hating charlatan with zero experience in office, bragging nonstop about being a YUGE success despite having had multiple failed businesses and a proven history of bullshitting loyal customers out of millions of dollars? A man who goes out of his way to insult Veterans, women, non-whites, and whoever else irks him? A man with an massive ego, yet it’s so fragile that one Twitter comment can send him over the edge? A man who cozies up with guys like Putin and traitorously asks Russia to hack his competition? A man who now contradicts every position he had (http://goo.gl/IafUBp)? A man who taunts protesters and encourages his fans to physically attack them, like ol’ racist George Wallace used to? The man can’t even handle a crying baby…he had it and its mother thrown out! Come on. The list goes on and on — the man is about as Presidential as Charles Manson.

      If you want to clean house and change things in America, attack those who constantly vote to keep our government at the mercy of corporate interests and billionaires like the Koch brothers who to buy and sell candidates. Trump wouldn’t lift a finger to change any of that, because he’s one of them. He’s too busy hatin’ brown people and trashing parents of dead soldiers to worry about all that other stuff. The man is an utter buffoon and a national embarrassment. But he sure knows how to whip the xenophobic masses into a frenzy of fear, I’ll give him that.

      These two candidates are apparently the “best” our system can produce, and between them she’s the only sane choice, though maybe not the most ideal one for many people. But we already have Putin and Kim Jong-un to deal with — we don’t need another unstable megalomaniac having access to nuclear weapons.

      Short version: I respectfully disagree. 🙂

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  3. From Michael Moore: Human Molotov cocktail. Favor, though, please please? Remove the top image, if you will. Pigs are sweet and smart and are arguably a far better species than the one that counts among its members Private Bone Spur. … Please?

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