2 comments on “Just plane crazy

  1. Ya know what’s REALLY funny? The fact that lots of people recently are actually turning back to the Bible and giving it a second look, because of what they FIRST discovered about the startling truth that there is really no curvature to the Earth. There is no “ball”. People who only a few months ago were die-hard atheists are having to stop and reconsider their perspective on the whole darn thing, because they can no longer believe the ridiculous things being touted by NASA and other intergovernmental agencies. The moon landings were indeed a pitiful hoax. This has been so thoroughly demonstrated now, it’s rapidly becoming common knowledge. The flat plane isn’t too far behind. The only thing holding the belief in it up, is the fact that we have all been indoctrinated with it since before we could speak.

    It’s not just “because the Bible says so”. It’s revealed through the simplest of SELF-employed empirical observation. The world is flat. Satellites do not exist for years on end, up in the thermosphere where it’s several thousand degrees.

    Not to mention, every “photo” we’ve been shown of Earth or the planets, etc., is just a painting, or cgi rendering. It’s insane, truly, once you start to look at it all for yourself….


  2. I was out of town this weekend but I know I approved your comment via my phone, but apparently it didn’t work. It should be visible now!

    Well, I have to say that this atheist won’t be buying into the flat Earth thing. There is simply too much testable, irrefutable evidence of a sphere. I know the FE Society has a list of canned responses to this and anything else a non-believer might say, and I know where to find them if I wanted to spend more time reading them (I don’t), but I’m stickin’ to it. 🙂 I’ve also watched a bunch of videos claiming “100% PROOF THE EARTH IS FLAT! END OF DEBATE!!1!”, and they’re laughable. Come on, people, a microbe on a basketball would perceive the ball as flat. Your eyes don’t always give you the whole story.

    I simply can’t dismiss thousands of hours of footage shot from space which clearly show the Earth rotating on an axis as “faked.” It’s simply impossible for any government agency or spooky secret organization (operating in all nations) to fake something on that scale and with such realism and precision. Where are the whistleblowers who did this alleged fakery? Surely some of them would have come forward by now, in this age of leaks. (Wait, let me guess: they were killed by NASA to keep them from talking. Of course!) I also can’t dismiss the millions of books, photos, films, and highly-detailed experiments by astrophysicists and astronauts which show and prove a spherical Earth — all of which was produced over many, many years by people all over the world. So they were all misinformed or part of the “conspiracy of government lies”? Are Neil deGrasse Tyson and Stephen Hawking “wrong” because because a Bible metaphor disagrees with them? Wow.

    And speaking of the Bible, it isn’t exactly a reliable source of scientific knowledge. I mean, why would anyone try to extract scientific data from a book of parables and metaphors (many of which contradict each other) written 2,000 years ago by many different people, translated over and over and then edited/reassembled by even more people? It’s not meant to be taken literally. If the Earth is flat because the Bible says so, then you also have to believe in talking snakes and bushes that hand out moral decrees. The fact that the FE theory is so intertwined with religion is a huge red flag for me and it makes me instantly suspicious. I also think it’s interesting that the FE theory is closely tied to other ridiculous theories like the faked moon landing and the 9/11 “inside job.” But what about the hollow Earth? Lots of people believe that too, so who’s correct?? (Hint: It doesn’t matter.)

    BTW not all of this is really aimed at you personally, it’s just stuff that crossed my mind as I was looking at FE stuff. Thanks for the comment, but please don’t feel that you need to convince me of anything. 🙂 I can’t watch more badly-edited videos with footage of flat horizons and whatnot. I also can’t read any more FE forums run by hostile FE’ers who rip to shreds anyone who disagrees with them… Wow, some of those guys are angry. Anyway it was an interesting peek into a fringe topic, but I think I need to move on.

    (I still sort of suspect that this whole thing is a massive joke meant to needle people like me who are easily exasperated by ridiculous ideas. Is the Church of the SubGenius involved? If so, then…well played, guys.)


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