Be careful what you wish for…

This is quite delicious: Christians who demand that kids be taught religion in public schools under the guise of “freedom of religion” are quickly finding out that something other than their religion might be brought up. Even though the material on Islam is in a purely historical context, they’re flipping their wigs and calling it “indoctrination.” But reading Bible passages in the classroom is just fine and dandy!

Funny how these people will vehemently defend the Constitution but blatantly ignore that inconvenient bit about separating church and state. Kinda like the way they pick and choose which parts of the Bible to follow.

The Tennessean newspaper reported on a new measure pending in the state legislature that would prohibit “anything deemed ‘religious doctrine’ ” for public school students in ninth grade or younger.
State education officials explained that secular information about religion is sometimes included in school curriculum. The Tennessean pointed, for example, to students being exposed to the Five Pillars of Islam in order to “provide historical context about the influence the religion had on regions of the world.” The same article quoted a Nashville social studies teacher who noted the Muslim world’s role in bringing us algebra and influencing the Renaissance.
And this evidently doesn’t sit well with some in the area. Butt, a longtime Sunday school teacher, does not specifically identify any faith tradition in her bill, but given the larger context, it appears the ban on lessons that include “religious doctrine” is motivated by concerns surrounding Islam.

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