FYI: tonight’s weirdness in the sky is not supernatural in any way

Heads up, folks!  Some scientists are going to do some sciencey stuff tonight which will lead to weirdly colorful clouds.  If you see something like that in the sky, it is not:

  1. A U.F.O.
  2. The Rapture (finally)
  3. Buddha descending on a unicorn
  4. Kanye West’s monstrous ego coming to devour us all

Thank you in advance for not flipping out like these other people, mmmkay…

Citizens of Earth, Do Not Panic If Brilliant, Glowing Clouds Fill the Sky Tonight

You know your crazy relative who’s always suspicious of black SUVs? Quick—block him on Facebook. NASA is scheduled to launch a suborbital rocket from Wallops Island, Virginia, on Wednesday night, and as one of its experiments, it will eject colorful clouds of vapor more than a hundred miles above the ground in order to study ions and neutral particles in the upper atmosphere.

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