2 comments on “Pro-life or just anti-woman?

  1. What evidence is provided that can demonstrate that conservatives do not care about life after birth? All I’m seeing is a bunch of typical liberal rhetoric in typical liberal fashion without any substantive evidence….just “feelings”.

    Based on what I’m reading above – I can only assume that you actually do consider abortion murder – but that it’s justified because conservatives, in your opinion, do not care about them after their born – so you’re actually doing them a favor by having them murdered.

    And I’m sorry – paying for someone’s health care and birth control doesn’t actually demonstrate caring about someone. Just like murdering a child doesn’t actually demonstrate caring about someone. It just demonstrates selfishness….that’s it.


    • The evidence is available by watching/reading the news (Fox doesn’t count 🙂 ). Look at what they’re doing to womens’ health centers–they’re doing their best to close them down, one by one, because abortion happens to be one of the many services they provide. Look at the lies they’re spreading about Planned Parenthood with that heavily-edited tape, all of which have been proven false by state investigations. From what I’ve read, abortion is only 1-3% of what they actually do, but it doesn’t matter–the Republican party wants all of them closed. Which is perplexing, considering that healthy women = healthy babies…if anything, providing womens’ services would prevent many abortions. And that leads one to think that they just don’t care much about womens’ health in general.

      Conservatives are also constantly attacking programs that benefit poor families calling them “entitlements” and “free stuff”. Lots of examples are readily available with a Google search or just reading the comments on news stories, and you don’t have to be a liberal to see the pattern here. Of course it’s a generalization to say none of them care about children once they’re born, but it’s definitely the vibe we’re getting.


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