No, that new fossil discovery doesn’t prove your Bible stories are true

“Share this post on Facebook and Twitter because this is a huge discovery that goes against the conventional wisdom of our anti-Christian society.” Pardon my Esperanto, but this “anti-Christian society” stuff is utter horseshit.  They’re actually turning people away from Christianity with this kind of nonsense.

It’s so entertaining when religious folks try to use scientific discoveries to add historical credibility to their myths.  This fossil proves nothing about Adam and Eve, or any of the other Genesis stories.  And let’s face it:  they are just stories, not historical records.  (I caution against clicking on the story link below, because their website is chock-full of annoying pop-ups and interstitials trying to get you to subscribe to their frothy-mouthed ravings.)

PHOTOS: New Fossil Discovery Provides Massive PROOF of Bible’s Story of Adam and Eve

A fossil from Brazil which has been hidden in a private collection for decades has now been determined by scientists to show a snake with four legs that it presumably used to walk on instead of slither on its belly.That is significant when you read the account in Genesis 3:14 where God cursed the snake by taking away his ability to walk, causing it forever after to have to “crawl on his belly.”

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  1. Excellent story! I always expected that science would prove biblical stories. There is a god! The dead carpenter really did rise from the grave! A god destroyed the city of Sodom! There really was a world flood to destroy wickedness! Hallelujah!
    Seriously, biblical scholars should read the Gilgamesh Epic, written in Mesopotamia around 2100 BCE. They will wind almost all of the biblical stories written here – about 600 years before the book of Genesis was written. But then again, I really wouldn’t want to infringe on the rights of certain people to totally ignore reality!


    1. You definitely have to ignore reality to believe in some of this stuff. This fossil must have been from millions of years ago. Don’t they believe the earth is only 6,000 years old?? They pick and choose what to believe when it fits their own bias, and toss the rest out the window.

      One of my favorite books is “Fingerprints of the Gods” by Graham Hancock. He talks a lot about the Mesopotamians in there which is interesting, and in one chapter he talks about how some stories from the Bible actually exist in hundreds of other religions and mythologies. The great flood, the virgin birth, the resurrection…all of that shows up in the myths from other cultures before appearing in the Bible. Fascinating stuff.

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