Blaming both sides for one side’s idiocy

I find it vastly interesting that so many conservatives aren’t willing to admit that the GOP is holding this country hostage.  Instead, they’re saying “Yeah, BOTH sides suck, they’re both to blame for this!”  Yeah, nice try. While there is some truth to both sides causing gridlock in a general sense, the blame for this government shutdown lies squarely with the GOP — they are stamping their widdle feet and throwing a nationwide tantrum because they don’t like a law which has ALREADY GONE INTO EFFECT and been deemed Constitutional by our country’s highest court.  Whether or not the law is “good” or “bad” is irrelevant to this point.  The healthcare law was passed, and how these GOP asshats think they’re justified in defying the law because they didn’t get their way is beyond me.  They truly are the Party of Obstruction and Denial.

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