4 comments on “Join me on Google+

  1. Funnily enough, I’m heading in the opposite direction and progressively de-googlifying my life… I actually started this before they killed Reader and before PRISM, because I was concerned by just how reliant I’d become on Google, but nothing that’s happened recently has given me cause to change my mind!

    My current rule of thumb is to only use ONE product from any given company, and to avoid US-based servers / companies where possible. It’s a little less convenient, but I’m increasingly coming to believe that we’ve already sold too much of our souls for a few free services and a bit of extra convenience.


    • Yeah, I definitely hear/read you. I’ve been debating quitting FB altogether, but for now I’m limiting the personal info I put on there and limiting my posting until I give it up completely. I’m deeply entrenched in the Google “ecosystem” at the moment, not sure what to do about that. Especially if the NSA has their tendrils plugged into everything I like to use. Even if I routed all my traffic thru Tor, I’d still want to use my social network stuff. 🙂 Oh well, I’m sure a solution will present itself eventually.


      • Yeah, de-googlification is a long, slow painful process! It’s taken months, but I’m pretty much there now. I still have an android phone (the alternatives don’t bear thinking about), but it’s logged into a dummy account and set not to sync – and just to be sure all my contacts are entered as first name only (or something equally meaningless to an observer).

        I still use FB, just because there are a lot of people on there I don’t want to lose touch with! There’s almost no info in my account (just untagged photos) and everything’s set to friends only… For the problem of the public profile picture I cut a photo into blocks and moved a couple around like one of those sliding tile puzzles – anybody who knows me will recognise me but I’m pretty confident face recognition programs would go straight past it.

        I was wondering if I was getting too paranoid, but given current events I’m now wondering if I’m paranoid enough! :-/


        • Wow, you’re pretty hardcore. 🙂 I’ve tried pretty hard to keep my real name off my blog but sometimes it creeps through when I post certain things (like linking directly to my G+ profile). I’m more worried about a potential employer scrolling through my past rants than the government, at least for now…


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