Who is to blame for Hurricane Sandy?

OK, here’s my question:  is anyone blaming God for Hurricane Sandy yet?  I’m waiting.

If the universe and everything in it, including pretty things like puffy clouds, sunsets, and flowers, are God’s handiwork (oh how I hate that term), then so are things that kill like storms, volcanoes, and earthquakes.  I’m SO FUCKING TIRED of people thanking God for “miraculous” survivors while neglecting to place blame for the disaster, or even letting it happen to begin with.  I suppose it’s just those “mysterious ways” we always hear about.

All believers should consider Sandy an actual act of God and publicly shame him for it.  Demand reparations and maybe even a few resurrections.  “Oh but that’s silly, God doesn’t do those things!”  Except he’ll obliterate thousands in a single blow with an earthquake.  Nice.  Talk about a vengeful, wrathful god.  Jesus.

Oh, and look at this:  somehow the storm kept this statue of Mary from being destroyed.  She’s made of stone so she can’t topple in the wind or be burned down, but it’s still a MIRACLE!

Fuck the Murdoch-owned WSJ for using this picture in their story.  Disgraceful.

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