One comment on “What the hell, spammers?

  1. Hi.
    I searched all over this site and could not find a way to get in touch with the admin of the site directly. Years ago I made a mistake of posting something on this site, a reply to 1 girl. It is still here, from 2005. And if you google my name, out comes this page with my reply. I really need to have that reply taken down if possible. It is affecting my life in a bad way bcs the mistake was posting it with my real name. Others can see what i wrote, and it wasn’t meant to be that way. I do not know what else to do, so I would like to kindly ask you to get back to me, so I can point to the page and then possibly my writing can can be deleted. This would truly be a tremendous help to me. I really do appreciate it! Pls help.

    Thank you,
    pls reach me at –
    (this time I am smarter and using an alias :))


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