3 comments on “The Jesus Shoe cometh

  1. Hmmm… Crazy, or marketing genius? Seems to me this guy will soon be in a position to sell whatever crap he wants at a premium price just by putting a crucifix or the word “Jesus” on it, and you KNOW there’s a certain demographic that’ll be queueing up to buy it. I’ll be very surprised if “Love Sportswear” turns out to be cheaper than the Nike equivalent…

    On the other hand, if this guy actually believes what he’s saying I suppose we can assume he won’t be using sweatshops and child labour, in which case I don’t mind him taking a bit of market share away from Nike – even if it’s for all the wrong reasons!


  2. …and in other news, I really should keep better track of what names I use where! It seems the last time I commented here I was “Shadowduck”, Hey ho.


  3. This idea of not using products named after non-Christian deities could make life difficult. I hope he doesn’t drive a Saturn or Mercury. Has he ever been to the Apollo theatre? Bought a Hermes scarf for his girlfriend?


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