Q & A with a refugee from the Westboro Baptist Church

Want to read an interview with an actual Phelps, ex-member of the batshit-crazy Westboro Baptist Church?  It’s fascinating and really drives home what neanderthals these people are.

Q: I remember reading somewhere that your father treated your mom like trash. Can you give examples if what he did to her and if that played a part in you leaving?

A: He pulled her arm out of the socket. He beat her with his fists, his feet and a mattock handle. He cut all her hair off, down to where her scalp showed through because she wasnt in subjection. He screamed and threw things like a child having a temper tantrum.

Imagine that as the image you have of the person who defines your world and how safe you feel in it. I dont mean to get melodramatic, but I only have so much time and opportunity to impress the reality of the situation on you.

via topiama.com

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