From Birthers to Flat-Earthers: Conservatards Continue their De-Evolutuion

A recent study shows that conservatives have increasingly lost faith in science since the 70’s.  Ha!  No shit, right?  But how can you “lose faith” in science when it doesn’t even require faith in order to see it in action?  Science simply is, whether you believe in it or not, and it evolves along with our understanding of how the universe works.

And that’s the beauty of science.  We’re all trying to make sense of ourselves and this world we’re in — some choose to believe in myths and mystical tales of invisible beings who created the world and control everything in it, and others would rather find answers through testing and experimentation, facts and evidence.

If it weren’t for science, we’d all think the world rides through space on the back of a giant turtle or something.  I’m not kidding — these science deniers would trap our civilization’s intellectual progress in the stone age if they could get away with it.  Fucking morons.

Believe in whatever otherworldly beings you want, but don’t deny testable, verifiable evidence when it’s presented to you.  I’m not just talking about global warming — I mean anything that may threaten your mystical “explanations” of how things work.

A study released Thursday in the American Sociological Review concludes that trust in science among conservatives and frequent churchgoers has declined precipitously since 1974, when a national survey first asked people how much confidence they had in the scientific community. At that time, conservatives had the highest level of trust in scientists.

Confidence in scientists has declined the most among the most educated conservatives, the peer-reviewed research paper found, concluding: “These results are quite profound because they imply that conservative discontent with science was not attributable to the uneducated but to rising distrust among educated conservatives.”

via McClatchy

4 thoughts on “From Birthers to Flat-Earthers: Conservatards Continue their De-Evolutuion

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  1. this article really isn’t a comment on the issue of inteeligence among conservatives and religion vs science. more likely that conservatives do not trust thier own peers out of fear of a lack of intergrity for money. (skewing truth for the benfit of a buck. Faith really doesn’t seem to be a big part in that .


    1. Wow, something really brought the crazy out in you, “rebecca smith.” Did I mention race at all? Did you even read the article? I’ve seen your posts on other blogs. Feel free to stick that racist bullshit right up your Swedish white-power cornhole and haul it elsewhere.

      (And yes, I know you’re in Sweden by your IP address. I can see you


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