Theaters to punish those who don’t like 3-D

Christ.  If there’s anything that will make me stop going to the movies forever, it’s paying a higher price to not see a movie in 3-D.  I avoid watching new movies in 3-D whenever I can — I think it’s an expensive, gimmicky way to get people into theaters and it has very little payoff in terms of making it a more exciting experience (“Avatar” was a rare exception, though I still didn’t find it as mind-blowing as some did).

So, in a nutshell…  Fuck.  That.  Shit.

Writing for Screen Trade Magazine Joe Paletta, CEO of Spotlight Theaters, announces that cinemas will begin to eliminate the premium charges on 3D movies and raise the prices of 2D movies to make up the difference. This gives me the rage. 3D movies give me a headache and eye-strain, and I actively avoid them. I hate the idea that Id be charged a premium on the few 2D movies I can find in order to subsidize 3D screenings.

via Boing Boing

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