6 comments on “Homeopathy: Undiluted Bullshit

    • I was going to write a more pleasant option would be a dash of mother’s little helper with tonic water, but then looked up quinine, to find almost every website on the page (medical publications, etc.) saying that it should not be used for cramps, it has been found to be ineffective and could be dangerous for some. We’re talking from 2009 too. I guess the homeopaths haven’t got the memo on that one yet. Morons.
      I wonder what amazing cure a homeopath would have come up with for your arthritic condition. The thing with them is that they will never say it can’t be helped by their special diluted memory water.


      • Maybe some pressed flowers in a tincture? 🙂 Actually after several months my doctor found the exact perfect medicine which brought my knee back to normal working order, and it’s a fairly common one so it’s not hugely expensive. It worked like a charm with no crampy side effects. Yay for science!


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