Enormous blob of cellulite craves fame and fortune (and food)

This is OH so depressing: a 700-pound woman wants to more than double her weight, simply for the fame.  What the hell is wrong with people like this?  Is this some sort of mental illness, or just a simple craving for attention?  I can’t make sense of it.  And, of course, she’s a huge opponent (so to speak) of size discrimination, claiming it’s “the last form of accepted discrimination.”  Um, this isn’t about judging fat people.  This is about judging stupid, thoughtless behavior by people with a death wish.  She’s going to kill herself and leave her two kids without a mother, all because of some idiotic goal of being the fattest woman in the world.  ‘Tis truly the American dream!

This woman needs to regain some dignity and go on a fucking diet, stat.  Nobody should be this heavy, ever…especially on purpose!  I have sympathy for people with legitimate weight problems, but not self-abusers like this.

The 32-year-old Arizona mother of two plans on reaching her 1,600+ pound goal by the time shes 41 or 42, according to the Sun. Despite her enormous intake, her two sons apparently have a normal diet.

While the pursuit might not exactly seem like the most attractive of goals to go after, Eman told the Sun that shes found that men actually find her weight to be a bit of a turn-on. Shes even a model for a few SSBBW websites. “The bigger I get, the better I feel. I feel confident and sexy,” she told the Sun.

However, shes not even quite halfway to her 1,600lb goal. She currently weighs about 728 pounds, according to the NY Daily News. Yet it seems her daily diet will do a lot to push her toward her goal.

via Huffington Post






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  1. This is what we call fat shaming the editor does not know her I don’t know her and they have the audasity to call her this and that


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