2 comments on “Religious ramblings

  1. Interesting read. I agree with a lot of your points, and have self-identified as a Deist for the last decade-plus. It was a hard thing to finally let go of Christianity; I think the breaking point was reached when I asked Jesus to show me that he existed, not by a dream or some inner voice that could just as well be my imagination, but something real and tangible.

    The result? Nothing. That was kind of it for me.

    Do I believe there is SOMETHING out there? Probably. Do I believe that it’s Yahweh or Jesus or Allah or Zeus or anything else that people have dreamt up? No.

    The known universe contains approximately 100 billion galaxies, with each of those galaxies containing an average of 100 billion stars each. The idea that the god and creator of all that knows whether you personally have been bad or good, or cares about any of it…No. Even I’m not that arrogant.

    I agree with Bill Maher: “I have a personal relationship with God” really is the single most pretentious statement in the English language.


  2. You might want to check Stuff Christian Culture Likes at http://www.stuffchristianculturelikes.com/. The author describes her blog as “Hi. This is a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff Christian culture likes. They are pretty predictable. I sort of consider myself an expert on Christian culture as I am a preacher’s kid and I’m also married to a preacher’s kid. At one point or another I’ve been a willing participant in almost all the things I talk about here. Christian culture is funny because it doesn’t have much (if anything) to do with Christ himself.”


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