Proud to be American?

Today’s July 4th, when Americans profess loudly just how proud they are to be Americans.  Flipping through Facebook this morning I see a dozen posts about it already…sigh.

Am I lucky to be an American with all the freedoms we enjoy (at least, until they’re finally chipped away)?  Yes, I am.  But proud to be an American?  I usually reserve pride for things I actually accomplished myself.  I just happen to have been born here, you see…it’s really all about luck.  So my answer is no, I’m not proud of being an American in that sense.  Too much pride leads to arrogance, and I think too many Americans are already arrogant enough.

2 thoughts on “Proud to be American?

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  1. Hey buddy you better change that attitude, you know why? It’s Koko the gorilla’s 40th birthday, and you never want to bring down the mood on a gorilla’s birthday bub. Trust me.


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