5 comments on “More horseshit legislation from my home state

  1. And I’m going down in a month to buy a house there…. hahahaha… should be amusing… or scary… or a bit of both?? Anyhoo – it will be a heck of a lot warmer than here, that I know for sure!


  2. Hey you ignorant little twits when has obamafuck has showed valid proof of citizenship. Also if it’s questionable then why has he order the Hawaii government to deny all request for copies of his certificate of birth that has a address that has never had a house.(notice how I worded that because he has no real birth certificate) what the fucks does it matter I would hope if someone running for any public office would be a citizen of the united states and also not hold dual citizenship


    • And it’s the thought of having someone like “bigfuckingtruck” as a neighbour that makes me think I best be staying in Canada…
      Stupidity scares me.


  3. I have a fantasy in which some state adopts such a law and every presidential candidate refuses to present proof of citizenship to that state’s officials as a matter of principle, so the entire state is effectively disenfranchised. But of course that would never happen …


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