The transition continues!

wpSince moving my stuff over to WordPress a couple of months ago, I found there was a butt-load of things to do to get it all working right.  This is my first self-hosted blog using real blogging software, and making the transition has been pretty time-consuming, but it’s coming along.  Here’s what I’ve gotten done so far:

  • Imported previous posts from Typepad, along with all comments from readers
  • Moved all Typepad-hosted photos over to new domain, re-linking many by hand (super irritating since Typepad’s filenames and links are screwy)
  • Redirected all links pointing to Typepad (posts referencing old posts) to the corresponding posts on
  • Unpublished all Typepad posts to remove them from Google searches, then created a redirection page pointing here
  • Whipped up a new logo graphic and background image
  • Learned how to tweak the blog’s theme CSS to show more or less how I want
  • Fixed/removed a lot of broken links and replaced a lot of missing photos which were stupidly deleted by myself a while back
  • Activated comment spam filter Akismet (awesome!)
  • Re-posted some items that have been offline for years (Outbursts, Braindroppings, etc.) dating back to 2000 – all with original dates
  • Recreated some really old “special features” as Pages (Meth and Your Veins, Annoying Busfolk, Blurry Visions, E-Leash, etc.)

I’ve still got a long way to go on some things, though:

  • Post tags – I’m going through all posts, one by one, and tagging them with keywords.  It’s something I should have started with Typepad, but oh well.  Trying to decide on a consistent set of words was a little tough — do I tag stories about crazy Christians as simply “christians” or do I include “religion” as well?  (I decided save “religion” for generic posts about religious stuff, not Christians specifically.  But the “crazies” tag still gets used a lot. 😀 )  Once this is done, I’ll put up a “tag cloud” so readers can click on the most-used tags and see what comes up.  That should be interesting.  Maybe I’ll put that up a little early to try it out.
  • Broken links – currently there are 412 posts with links pointing to stories/pages which no longer exist.  Sounds like a lot, but that’s down from 650+!  So while I’m tagging stories with keywords, I’m checking links to see where they go and fixing them if possible.  This is gonna take a LONG time but it’s a labor of love!

Going back and reading all those old posts has been fun, too.  I usually don’t go back and read stuff I’ve posted, I just write it and move on.  But now I’m looking back at some really old stuff, most of which I completely forgot I had written, and I’m noticing how things have changed over the past 10+ years.  Opinions, writing style, attitudes, subject matter, volume of posts, etc. have changed quite a bit.  It’s hard to believe that only 10 years ago I was a proud Libertarian-voting, Mac-using vegetarian who made fun of people who carried cellphones everywhere.  These days I’m an apathetically left-leaning, Windows-using omnivore who carries his iPhone everywhere.  WTF happened?!

Another interesting thing:  I’ve always thought of this website/blog thing as a hobby, but I’m starting to realize that while I don’t keep a journal, this sort of serves the same purpose.  Reading the archives is a fun look at how I’ve changed as a person.  I don’t always like what I find when I read back that far, but whatever.  As far as I’m concerned, I’m still evolving and figuring myself out…

2 thoughts on “The transition continues!

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  1. You still suck! Just kidding. I’ve gone back and read posts from wayyyy back and they’re still funny. There’s a lot of good stuff in there. The polls that you used to post are always fun to read when I need a good laugh. Maybe time to do some more polls again?


  2. Yea…. some things just don’t change though. This proves you’re still a big nerd…and I mean that in the nicest way of course : )


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