3 comments on “Catholic Church: “Galileo was wrong. Also, Santa is real!”

  1. Technically, the universe does revolve around the Earth. But that’s only because there’s no actual center of the universe, so everywhere and nowhere is the center. And anyway, these people are way too small minded to think of something as awesome as the entire universe. After all, the universe (and science) doesn’t need humans to believe in it to exist.


  2. I’m calling shenanigans on this; on the main page the quote from the About section starts off with “CAI is a Catholic lay apostolate dedicated to the teachings of Jesus Christ preserved by the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.” Which means it’s a group of non-priests in a committee trying to make policy (and the church has had a history lay apostolates being formed, doing their job, then going rouge).

    Here’s the transcript I found from PBS on the church owned (Jesuit) observatory and the info about the Galieo apology


    Although most Catholics embraced Galileo’s views centuries ago, it took until 1992 for the Vatican to issue a formal apology for the astronomer’s trial and treatment by the Church. Now the Catholic Church honors the astronomer’s importance.


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