Douchey nicknames for the Vegas Strip

A couple of years ago we decided never to stay on the Strip in Las Vegas again. There are several reasons for this, one of being that the place is completely overrun with douchebags wearing their douchey outfits acting like Grade-A douchebags. It’s simply America’s most popular douchebag destination and we can only take so much douche in one weekend. (Since then we’ve been staying off the Strip on Fremont St., where the douche levels are much lower.) So during our last stay in that hellhole, I started coming up with nicknames for the Vegas Strip. That eventually led to potential douchey restaurants, which I think are even funnier. 🙂

Nicknames for the Vegas Strip

  • Doucheville
  • Doucheopolis
  • Douchetopia
  • Doucheberg
  • Doucherdorff
  • Doucheistan
  • The Doucheiverse

(Or possible a.k.a. names for Hooters and Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and crap like that)

  • The Douchery
  • Chez Douche
  • Douchigan’s
  • Paddy O’Douche’s
  • Douchey McDoucherson’s
  • Le Doosh
  • Multidouchicity
  • Douche Towers
  • The Doucheplex
  • Douche-O-Rama
  • Cirque du Douche
  • The Douche Barn

(Simply because “Chase” and “Cameron” are two of the Douchey Names of the Apocalypse)

  • Crazy Chase’s Douche Emporium
  • Cameron’s House of Tacos ‘n’ Twats

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