4 comments on “Goodbye, Reno

  1. Ugh, my dad’s from there. I know Reno911 is highly inaccurate (i.e. palm trees further north than San Fran) but the image of overall meth-hole isn’t too far off. Although I haven’t been in a few years and that part of the family (or what’s left of it) are/were bottom scraping miners.


  2. I have never had any interest in going to Reno, mostly because I don’t like the airport. Flying in there is a nail-biting experience in itself with the strong turbulence. On the other hand, I’ve heard that Lake Tahoe is very nice and my boss at work goes there every year for a week or two to relax. I’ll have to ask her for more info.


  3. Actually the turbulence wasn’t that bad when we went in, though I’ve heard it can be. Vegas has always been hair-raising when flying in, though. We do want to visit Lake Tahoe one of these days, but only if we can lodge there!


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